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About Loan Against Property

It's All In The Name: Loan Against Property (LAP)

In the Home Finance and Real Estate market today, we consistently run across the term "Home Loan Against Property". Loan against property is only a Loan that you profit by keeping your business/private property as insurance. sometime Loan against property is also known as a Secured Loan. The security in this sort of loan is the property possessed by the individual applying for the Loan. The estimation of your property chooses the amount of potential loan you will be sanctioned.

Clients today avail loans against a property for various reasons. It could be anything from a foreign trip, huge wedding, Child Education, or to extend your business. Buying another property, Renovating the existing property, Consolidation loans.

Estimation of your property isn't the main criteria for banks to choose whether you are qualified for a Loan. It must be noticed that as a standard work on, Banks generally sanction loans of approximately, 65% of the value of your property. The residency offered in LAP is 15 years subject to age standards while the rate of interest differs between 12% to 16%.

They would frequently investigate your salary, funds, business track and different viewpoints before coming to disbursement. Your property or security evaluated on the current market value and correspondingly the loan amount would be calculated. Getting a LAP turns out to be substantially more streamlined and quick if you have all the basic documents in place.

The kinds of Property against which LAP can be profited:

Self-claimed private property

Self-claimed and self-involved private property

Self-claimed however leased private property

Self-claimed real estate parcel

Self-claimed business property

Self-claimed, however, leased business property

Loan Against property - Document Required

  • KYC for example age and address evidence.
  • Salary records
  • Proprietorship records of the property.
  • Bank Statements for the past half year.
  • A cheque for the processing Fee.

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