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COVID 19 Moratorium Regulatory Package

For ICICI Bank Customers

# Homeloan/Mortgage Loan Customers need to specifically OPT-IN for availing of moratorium and postponement of payments falling due for payment between the period beginning March 01 until May 31, 2020.

# In case Customer has multiple credit facility with us, he/she has to OPT-IN/OPT-OUT individually/seperately for each facilty as per the individual product guidelines

#For opting moratorium, Cm has to click on the link shared to him by the Bank through SMS or email. He can also visit our website www.icicibank.com and do the needful

For PNBHFL Customers

Dear Customer, in order to tide over the unprecedented situation arising out of COVID 19 outbreak, PNBHFL proposes to offer a payment moratorium upto 31st May 2020 on your loan <. This will mean an increase in balance tenor by 3 months and a possible increase in EMI. In case you wish to avail the moratorium please register through any of the following mode:

  1. Click on the link and register your consent https://bit.ly/3dHmfWn OR
  2. Send email (mentioning loan no ) to moratorium@pnbhousing.com from your registered email id OR
  3. Send a SMS -. "MPNBHFL LOAN A/C NO " from your registered mobile no to 56161 OR
  4. Give missed call on 8743950000 from your registered mobile no. Team PNB Housing

For LICHFL Customers

RBI द्वारा प्रस्तावित COVID -19 Regulatory Package के अन्तर्गत LICHFL अपने ऋणधारकों को 3 महीने का Pre EMI / EMI स्थगन (moratorium) अवधि उपयोग करने का अवसर प्रदान करता है|

उक्त सुविधा का लाभ लेने के लिये ऋण खाताधारक अपनी किश्त देय दिनांक से 3 दिन पूर्व हमारी website - https://www.lichousing.com/emi_relief.php पर अपना आवेदन register करा सकते हैं |


अपने registered email id से निम्न id पर mail कर सकते हैं - consent@lichousing.com
mail subject में "Consent for 3 months deferment of EMI for my loan account no. <<999999999999>>" अवश्य लिखें|

Pre EMI / EMI स्थगन अवधि के दौरान ऋण खाता के मूल धन पर नियत ब्याज राशि उपार्जित होती रहेगी एवं उसे निम्न 2 में से किसी 1 प्रकार से चुकाना होगा :
1) स्थगन अवधि की समाप्ति (3 महीने) के बाद एकमुश्त भुगतान
2) उपार्जित ब्याज राशि को मूलधन में जोड़कर बढ़ी हुई EMI / ऋण अवधि द्वारा

उपरोक्त स्थगन अवसर किसी प्रकार की छूट न होकर सिर्फ़ तत्कालिक राहत है एवं सिर्फ़ नियमित (regular) customers के लिए है |

In Furtherance please note that Auto Debit EMI Can not be Cancelled. You Need to Send Mail to below ID's to Hold the EMI From Your registered Email ID's.

Below Bank Details for Who are Running Unsecured Business Loan.

To - customercare@tatacapital.com
CC - pankhaniya@tatacapital.com

BAJAJ Finserv
To - wecare@bajajfinserv.in
CC - sonpal.garg@bajajfinserv.in

RBL Bank
To - customercare@rblbank.com
CC - Sudeep.Khinvsara@rblbank.com

Axis Bank
To - customer.care@axisbank.com
CC - amit208.kumar@axisbank.com

To - sujit.ghorpade@magma.co.in
CC - saifulla.khan@magma.co.in

Fullerton India
To - namaste@fullertonindia.com & ccrc@fullertonindia.com
CC - pradeep.tiwari1@fullertonindia.com & nilesh.mankame@fullertonindia.com

IDFC First Bank
To - customer.care1@idfcfirstbank.com
CC - pankajkumar.s@idfcfirstbank.com

To - customer.care@icicibank.com
CC - roopam.bhandare@icicibank.com